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Our facility is our home away from home. It’s was designed with the aid of a talented local architect and constructed to be comfortable, casual and professional, enabling excellent work to be accomplished with and for our clients. It facilitates our work life and the diverse activities in product development – both the team-based collaboration and the independent work: quietly sitting, engineering, drawing, thinking and solving with or without ear buds.

Because the quality of tools are very important for any profession, we provide the best computers, monitors, software, and peripherals because it’s most efficient and effective in the long hours toiling away at the business of innovation. And because sitting for long hours can be a distraction if you aren’t comfortable, we provide the best chairs known to man – the Herman Miller Aeron chair, with every imaginable adjustment.

Food and drink are our lifeblood, so our kitchen is in the center of our facility, making it accessible for all. Whether it’s a meeting, breakfast, lunch, or dinner – whatever the need or time of day, anything can be prepared.

Complementing our office and kitchen, the shop offers space to prototype, model, weld, test and machine just about anything. Hand and power tools are plentiful for cutting, drilling, milling, painting or measuring. And our ever-growing arsenal of rapid prototype machines (3D Printers) are among our greatest assets to have internally, speeding the pace and quality of development iterations. From super-fine resolution parts to very large 3D printed parts, we can do it all internally.

Meetings are held everywhere and often – formally and informally – at white boards, the conference table, and grouped around our computer monitors, and digital tablets whenever the need arises. Whiteboards abound to aid in the generation and critique of new ideas and concepts.

We invite you to visit to see it for yourself. Our warm hospitality will make your visit memorable.

Our Facility and Capability also include the following:

  • Meeting Space for Collaboration
  • Rapid Prototyping Machines (SLA, FDM,FFF)
  • Fine Resolution 3D Printing
  • Full Machine Shop
  • CNC Machining
  • Commercial Sewing Machines
  • Soft Goods Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly
  • Heat Sealing and Cutting Equipment
  • Inflatables build and test
  • Steel Rule Dies and Die Press
  • Metal Welding: TIG, MIG, Arc, Brazing, Soldering
  • Plasma Cutting thin and thick metals
  • Ultrasonic Welding of Metals for Electronics
  • Paint Spray Guns and Booth for high fidelity prototypes
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Audio & Video Recording
  • High Resolution Color Printing
  • Light and Sound Measurement
  • Static Electricity Measurement
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Multi-Channel thermal data acquisition
  • Wearable Data Acquisition
  • Measurement and Inspection Tools
  • Hydraulic and Manual Presses
  • Mass, Force and Torque Measurement (very small to large)
  • Water and Air Pressure and Flow Measurement/Test
  • Test Kitchen