TMG's adaptable design process - Exploration, Development, Refinement, Commercialization


We all want to get from point A to point B as directly as possible, but at The Metcalfe Group, we know that in product design this is very rarely the case. Constant exploration, ideation, and revision is done to make sure there are no stones left un-turned. We don’t just move in a straight line through the projects we work on; we know that investing a little more time and creativity into everything adds value for the client. This may entail significant exploration at the earlier stages of the product design process in order to save time later by ensuring we take the right path. One insight too late may mean redoing a lot of work, resulting in significant setbacks.

There may be times when we circle back a bit to revisit an earlier idea or re-explore a previous phase (when appropriate) in order to make sure we’ve done things right. We will never follow an idea off a cliff, even if it was an idea of our own. As we get close important decision points, we always rein things in to make sure that we do whatever it takes to stay on track.

The quality of the work we deliver is attributed to our adherence to this proven methodology in managing the product design process. We are certainly never satisfied with the first idea we conceive, and know that the process of searching, finding, testing, challenging, and revising does produce higher quality results.