“The Metcalfe Group has completed a variety of projects for us over the years, including creative mechanical design concepts, style modification evaluation, prototyping, and engineering feasibility testing. They have been able to make challenging high fidelity metal and plastic prototypes for concept reviews. They have been a valuable extension of our internal design and engineering resources.

The competent staff is understanding and capable of including relevant manufacturing processes, factory assembly needs, aesthetics, cost constraints, and tolerance schemes. Beginning with initial creative concepts, through prototyping, testing, and drawings, the staff at Metcalfe provided quality work to us. I would recommend them for any company that needs competent product design and engineering assistance for the demands of the consumer products market.

 Randy Tucker, Engineering Manager


“The Metcalfe Group really helped us on a challenging new product development project. Their innovation and engineering capability and diligence in understanding the end use variability was instrumental in designing and engineering the product line. Testing the new designs with a broad spectrum of fittings in the market was vital input to the product’s function and resultant design. Their ability to adapt the product to the market needs was key to the success, including the fitting design, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Throughout the project, the innovation, engineering insights and level of attention to detail was first class.

 Aaron Lorkowski, Principal Engineer


“Right from the start of the project, the Metcalfe Group impressed us. They worked against a very tight timeline over only a few weeks to successfully design our newest commercial office chair’s arm assemblies. … [T]he arms came together with the rest of the chair beautifully.

With our industrial design resources and the Metcalfe Group’s 3D CAD design, FEA stress analysis, prototyping and fabrication capability, we were able to get this product from design concept through prototyping, marketing approval and into manufacturing in the time frame required.”

 Jeremy Foreman, Project Engineer


“The Metcalfe Group designed over 75 tight-tolerance, pallet-mounted fixtures for us over several months for one of the largest fixture design projects ever undertaken in North America. They did an excellent job under tight time constraints and delivered when we needed them.

Two other design firms fell down on us early in the project and put us into a jam, but The Metcalfe Group team came in and really helped us out on a very technically demanding project. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, professional design firm.”

Mark Fryman, Systems Integration Manager, HAAS Factory Outlet

Surface Repro

“The Metcalfe Group has been by far the most responsive product design or development group I have ever met in my 25 years in the manufacturing sector. They impressed me in a number of areas:

1. … Their business integrity is unmatched.

2. They were able to take my vision—which had no drawings, since it was only a concept—and turn it into a physical sample with detailed drawings within three days after our first meeting.

 3. The company is extremely collaborative and fosters that type of work environment; suggestions on design improvement and materials were constantly being made by both sides.

For such talented people, the team has little “professional ego” and all members were very approachable and willing to revise their work to meet my needs. I looked forward to phone calls or meetings with them, because I knew we’d end up at an even better point working together. Subsequent efforts by Paul Metcalfe and his talented team allowed my company to quickly establish itself as an innovator in our industry. There is no doubt that we wouldn’t be nearly as far along in our business without The Metcalfe Group.”

Barry Madel, Founder and CEO, Surface Reproductions, LLC


“I brought a new idea to accomplish nasal irrigation to Paul Metcalfe in the spring of 2007. I’d already proven my concept on a macro scale, and the next step was to prove it in a handheld device more akin to what would eventually be manufactured. Following several disappointing experiences with other engineering and design firms, I contracted with Paul – on May 5, 2007 – to make a working prototype.

He delivered it the first week of August – a completely realized, FDM-manufactured, working prototype that did exactly what it was supposed to do: prove the concept in a handheld, battery-powered configuration. And not just a shape, but a complex device with a pump/motor assembly, power source, supply and waste cartridges, device to human interface, internal plumbing, etc.

Only someone who’s been involved in the development of a new product can appreciate how remarkable it is to have accomplished this in so short a time frame. Paul and his delightful and talented staff have my deepest appreciation.”

Martin Hoke, President, RhinoSystems, Inc.

Smart LB

“In my 33 year career I have been involved with the development, manufacturing and marketing of numerous new product ideas.  It is one of the most difficult business processes to get right.  What can be missed or go wrong will be missed or go wrong.  It is therefore very important to completely plan the project and select the right partners from the outset.    I found a right “partner” in The Metcalfe Group when I recently undertook the development of a complete family of products for the electrical and data/com markets. This was a cradle to grave project for the Metcalfe Group, taking a concept all the way through design, production and product launch. 

They got it right from beginning to the end!  I could not be more pleased with the results, the quality of their work and their professionalism.”

Mark Buck, President, Smart Pathways, LLC

Kickback Kooler

“After working with several design firms at the start of the project I was not completely satisfied with the results. After initial meetings with the experienced team at The Metcalfe Group, I was confident that they could get the results I desired. Time proved that my instincts were correct…my dream of creating this product was finally realized. 

Jim Stallman, President, Future Image Technologies