• Bold design, proven results: We can help you take big steps forward with your product line while maintaining a focus on effectiveness and quality.

  • Attention to detail, inside and out: We consider everyone who will be encountering your product, which often means what’s under the hood must be as well thought out as what’s visible.

Looking Ahead. Going Beyond. Making It Real.

Located in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, we are a full-service product design and development firm with the experience and resources to translate great new ideas into commercial success for prominent brands and start-ups alike. Our proven ability to creatively generate finished products from mere ideas has been proven repeatedly from our inception. Solving challenging problems has become a staple for us. We offer more in-house services than most firms, which translates into more effective project control, faster iterations and earlier market launch. Our broad combination of experience in Design, Research, Engineering, Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Electronics, Prototyping, Testing, Marketing, Business, Costing, Licensing, and international and domestic Supply Chain/Sourcing enable us to deliver to clients world-class innovative product design solutions. We innovatively look ahead, go beyond the call of duty, and make products real.

Highlighted Projects

Oatey Drain Strainers

Oatey charged us with increasing both the strength and open area of their drain strainers, and we did it all while looking good.

VEGV Discover and Revision

We designed and prototyped two eye-catching, limit-pushing vending machines for a prominent vending company.

Kickback Kooler

A serial entrepreneur came to us with a challenge: design a cooler with features never before implemented for the ultimate user experience.

  • They got it right from beginning to the end! I could not be more pleased with the results, the quality of their work, and their professionalism.

     – Mark Buck

    President, Smart Pathways, LLC

  •  I would recommend them for any company that needs competent product design and engineering assistance for the demands of the consumer products market.

     – Randy Tucker

    Engineering Manager, Moen

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