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    Strength and Flow

    Oatey approached us to improve their drain strainer product line with two key but conflicting requirements: increasing the open area for more water flow through the strainer, and increasing the load rating. Increasing strength is a difficult task when removing material, but we were able to use sound engineering principles to achieve both objectives.
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    As with most projects, our strainer design was constrained by the need to fit within existing products and environments. This meant accommodating other parts in Oatey’s current and historic product line.

    We also understood that aesthetics were important, even in a plumbing application. The strainer was the only component visible to the end user, and served as a reflection of the quality of Oatey’s behind-the-scenes products, as well as the Oatey brand as a whole. We created initial design concepts and then continued applying an aesthetic eye as the product evolved with our pursuit of strength and open area requirements, eventually creating a patent-pending design.