A “Serge” in Sewing Activity for Soft Goods Prototyping

Posted on February 29th, 2016 in News


Further enhancing our soft goods and textile capability, we now have a Serging Sewing Machine. This gem is a 4 thread model that has varied widths and thread tension to do some very cool things in a very professional manner. Our growing client base has very broad requirements for textile-based soft goods, so we have responded with even greater capability. If you are not familiar with serging in soft goods, it is found in edges of many end products such as shirts, pants, sweaters, bags, wipers, rags, blankets, commercial/industrial filters and many other items. A serger cuts and finishes the edge of single and multiple layers of fabrics. The serged edge can be made visible for decorative purposes, or kept hidden from view purely as a functional stitch. It plays a vital role in preventing fabric from unraveling in use or during laundering. If cut fabric edges are not serged, when threads break free they can cause different kinds of problems. With adjustments to thread tension, threads per inch and and width of the stitch, creative outcomes can be produced. If you would like to know more about this or the other soft goods, textile and hard goods prototyping we can produce, we would be pleased to assist you on your next project.