Extensive Welding, Brazing and Cutting Capability for Metal Products and Prototyping

Posted on August 10th, 2022 in News


Welding, brazing, and cutting metals enables ideas to translate into reality, although you need the right equipment and skill. For many years we have been cutting and welding different prototypes for customers: furniture, food processing equipment, exercise and recreation equipment, pet products, and more. So we thought it was time to let you know more about this valuable and extensive capability after designs are complete. We have welding capability for TIG, MIG, arc (stick), brazing, soldering, plasma cutting and CNC cutting.

Each of these tools or methods have the right application and we can help you with that. TIG is especially useful for its ability to precisely control welding of very thin metal to thicker metals. It can be used for aluminum, steel and stainless steel. MIG uses a motorized wire feed when more speed and efficiency is desired. Brazing and silver soldering use a torch to heat parts and use different metals for the joining component. When it comes to cutting metals we can use a band saw, precise chop saw, CNC machinery, vertical mill or plasma cutting. We can also provide laser cut parts from a variety of materials. To learn more about our capability or have us quote a project for you, email sales@metcalfegroup.com or call 440-349-5995.