Patent Granted for Innovative Door Hinge Lubrication Device

Posted on August 15th, 2022 in News


Have a squeaky door hinge? Have you ever used an aerosol spray lubricant on a door hinge and sprayed lube where you did NOT want it, making a mess? Well, now there is Hinge Hush – a new product we developed and helped a client earn a patent to solve this problem. The product is made from flexible rubber and slips over any interior residential or commercial building door hinge, which required a lot of work to achieve. It has a vertical guide slot for the aerosol lube spray tube to only spray where you need it – on the hinge. It’s fast to install, spray, and remove and virtually eliminates the aerosol lube mess.  Have a building full of doors? Meet your new friend. Any excess lube is collected at the bottom of the device in a removable absorbent material cartridge. One might ask, why didn’t someone develop this before? To learn more, see US patent number 11,220,851 B2. If you are interested in licensing this product, please contact us at or 440-349-5995.