Expanding Electronics Development Capability

Posted on July 19th, 2022 in News


Electronics are a growing part of our life and ever so important to many new product innovations. An increasing number of our clients have asked us to develop more complex products with electronics. So, the natural evolution was to continue to expand our capability. In addition to our experience, we have invested in additional equipment to further facilitate the development of electronic products from idea, through breadboard, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) development, software development, and into production. We work with other professionals in circuit board development, software programming, app development and manufacturing to augment our internal capability of early stage development and breadboard build and test. We have developed different measuring/detecting sensors, life safety devices, law enforcement products, pet market devices, food service products, food processing, exercise equipment, and more. This valuable combination of mechanical, electrical and manufacturing capability enables complex ideas to be managed completely by our team from idea through to production. Contact us for your next project using electronics at sales@metcalfegroup.com or 440-349-5995.