Maxwell Render V3 Photo Rendering Upgrade

Posted on February 2nd, 2015 in News


We are pleased to announce we have recently upgraded to Maxwell Render V3 for producing world-class photo-realistic rendering. We continue to utilize the most advanced technology for client projects, and this is just another example of that commitment to excellence.

Maxwell Render is considered the de facto gold standard for photorealistic rendering output quality. It bases its code on the physics of light, not by offering shortcuts to save time, like many other rendering products do. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain and founded in 1998 by two engineers, Next Limit is the maker of Maxwell Render, XFlow and RealFlow. The Flow software products were used in Lord of the Rings and Charlie and the Chocolate factory representing accurate fluid flow.

A few of the new features in Maxwell Render V3 include:

  • Custom Sun Radius with shadow softness controls and distant emitters with parallel shadows.
  • Fast MultiLight preview (GPU-accelerated) updating scattering and dispersion.
  • Improved FIRE – re-voxelizing only the objects that have changed.
  • The “cut-away” ability with render booleans to partially “look inside” an object or assembly via bounding box, plane or sphere intersection.
  • New Lenses: fisheye, pinhole, orthographic and spherical (great for virtual walk-through or HDR environments)
  • Improved motion blur
  • Double-sided materials for use on paper, bottle labels, leaves or the like

Computer generated imagery (CGI) is being utilized at an ever increasing rate in the new product development environment, and across other media-related communication. It reduces cost and time by utilizing the 3D CAD model which has already been created for FEA, rapid prototyping or manufacturing. Rather than preparing for a photo shoot that can be prohibitive because of weather, cost, setup, or timeline, developing a Photo Realistic Rendering can produce astonishingly lifelike imagery in short order and with a smaller budget. These software tools are making it more difficult to discern if an image is a photograph of an actual product or if it’s a computer-generated render. This realism is due to the emphasis on the true physics of light – much like a camera and the scene it captures.

We have generated a variety of renders using earlier versions of Maxwell Render for clients including: housewares, consumer products, industrial products and commercial goods. As long as we can establish the end objectives, time frames and budget, most anything can be produced digitally.

Common uses for photorealistic rendering images are:

  • Trade Show Booths
  • Large or Small Banners
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Presentations
  • Packaging
  • Literature
  • Web and Social Media
  • Product Launch Materials
  • News Releases
  • Public Relations

We are delighted with the Maxwell Render product and look forward to even further improvements in the next release as science and development marches on. Come back to see what we have created with this wonderful tool.