We’re Celebrating 14 Years

Posted on April 30th, 2015 in News


Another year has passed and so much has been accomplished by our talented and dedicated staff in innovating and problem solving for clients. When we stop and reflect upon our accomplishments, it’s hard to believe what we have achieved in the past year at The Metcalfe Group. This month marks 14 years since our founding, and we are grateful for all of the relationships we have built and opportunities granted to us from absolutely wonderful people from Cleveland, across the USA and beyond. We are, with great regularity, amazed at the creativity, intelligence, passion and perseverance of the people we interact with on a regular basis. The business of innovation is perpetually changing and challenging, but is a fantastically rewarding environment and business in which to be a part. With another year having clicked by seemingly so quickly, we count our blessings and express a heartfelt thank you to all we have had the distinct pleasure of interacting with. Our commitment to the business, customers and vendors is continually strengthening as we expand our services through investment in people, technology and processes. Stay tuned for more exciting news in coming months!