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    Always Room for Innovation

    The client approached us with the challenge of implementing a new drive system clutch and improving the canister latching method for their already-popular sausage press. They did not believe that there was much else to do in terms of improving the overall product, but here at The Metcalfe Group, we know that there is always room for improvement.

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    By experiencing the process first-hand, processing many pounds of meat at varying levels of fat, we learned plenty. The canister was missing something quite obvious — feet. We prototyped and added feet to the base of the canister so that it could stand up on its own. Without them, the canister would not be able to be removed and set down without it tipping over and potentially spilling its contents. It’s simple insights like this that serve to improve the entire user experience.
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    Extensive product testing was conducted to measure the forces relevant in determining the clutch rating. We made the installation of the motor fast and tool-free, with a focus on simplifying the process and making it user-friendly. A meat level indicator was also added to give better feedback for the user. Instead of having to crank a handle, a motor-driven foot pedal accessory makes processing the meat faster and easier to accomplish.
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    Everything came together to create a beautiful, functional, ergonomically-sound product. From start to finish, we scrutinized every detail and always asked the question, “How can we make this better?” In the end the product was enhanced in several additional ways that were entirely unanticipated. Our process and creative insights consistently deliver these positive outcomes for clients.
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    “Quick / easy to get going, very smooth to run. Definitely recommend this stuffer and would not hesitate to buy another.”

    “I love the new design with the legs on the bottom of the holding tank, it makes life easy when you need to refill – no more wrestling with it like the old version… this new design takes care of all the bugs in the old version. The stainless steel plunger shaft is a huge addition.”

    “I just made more snack sticks with the new motor and it worked great. The new ones have a clutch that slips, rather than strip-out the gears.”

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