• SLB-1

    Ahead of the Curve

    For the electrical and telecom market, we developed a full line of plastic and die cast metal Smart LBs. LBs are fittings that enable 90 degree turns for cabling and are located where power and data enter buildings. Traditional LBs have a dangerous 90-degree sharp corner, which can prevent fiber optic and copper cable from transmitting data. What makes the Smart LB so smart is the patented large internal bend radius that prevents fiber and copper cables from being damaged when pulled around corners, and for large power cables, makes turns easier.

  • SLB-2

    After pre-production runs, we noticed a deficiency in the manufacturer’s gasket material as well as other concerns. After working with the manufacturer to reduce distortion during cooling, a variety of gasket materials were researched and tested before finalizing for production. Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) requirements for preventing water ingress led us to extensively test the assemblies in the family of products with internally designed, custom spray equipment specified by UL. After we passed the test repeatedly, we knew we had a successful solution that sailed through the UL approval process without a hitch.