• LH1

    Learning Can Be Fun, Too.

    Learning Horizons approached us with a design challenge that some might consider elementary. The idea was to create a package design for an educational kit to be sold at retail which would consist of materials such as flash cards, audio CDs, education toys, and print materials. This was a new venture for the company, who up to that point had sold a lot of the included materials as separate entities but wanted to combine them into a comprehensive package. We went up to the board to solve this problem.

  • LH2

    After product and package designs were created and approved, rapid prototypes were produced in-house and assembled. Painted versions were also created in order to match the product color print scheme, and high-quality photo renderings were created to be used for literature and trade show panels. After acceptance of the final design, CAD models were then provided for off-shore quotation of the final engineered product.