• NNI-1

    No More Mess

    Nasal irrigation is a clinically proven therapy that helps those experiencing chronic or allergic sinus infections by rinsing the nasal passage with saline solution, but it’s a messy process – until now. Realizing there was a faster, cleaner method to irrigate the nasal cavity, a prominent serial entrepreneur turned to us after being unable to obtain satisfactory results from several other product design firms. The basic therapy has been around for millennia, but this new technology launches it into the 21st century.

  • NN2

    We at The Metcalfe Group were tasked with the mission of developing a working prototype — an engineering and design challenge we met with energy and enthusiasm. Special focus was put on the most important feature of all – the point of interaction between the product and the user. This deserved a fair share of attention, because we understood that no matter how nice the product itself looked, true product design should be focused on improving the user experience as a whole. In order to improve the traditionally uncomfortable process of using a nasal irrigation product, myriad different nose plug shapes were prototyped in order to ensure that the cleaning process went as smoothly for the user as possible.